Sunday, December 30, 2012


I missed yesterday! How did that happen? Oh well, back again today!

Being out of my school routine has really thrown a wrench into things. I'm not sure what day it is and dropping my phone in a big slush puddle doesn't help my feeling of cluelessness. My new phone should be here tomorrow and I cannot wait!

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Friday, December 28, 2012


Hey guys! Back again today with Organization as our topic.
Head on over to 2nd Grade Shenanigans and check out what everyone else has to say.
I know this is a post that I will go back and thumb through what everyone else posted, 

First I'll share my Pinterest with you all. Pinterest keeps all my ideas housed nicely. 

I have 5 main boards I use for school: 
+In the Classroom {Deco}: Cute organizational or display things that I love!
+In the Classroom {Digital}: This could be tech sites to fonts and freebies that I want to eventually download. Also housed here is things to buy on TPT!
+Math Concepts: I do not teach Math, but I am a floater so who knows what the next couple of years hold for me.
+Reading/LA/Phonics Concepts: This is where are that fun LA stuff goes and man, does Pinterest deliver for awesome Reading things?! 
The Teacher's Desk: This one may be my favorite. Here is where I put things that I feel are essential to my everyday teaching, the supplies. DO I LOVE THE SUPPLIES??
Check out this board for lesson plan templates, binder ideas, organization and like I said before, supplies!

Next, here is something that I use everyday, but I'm thinking of tweaking it over the summer to some sort of file folder system. Add it to the list!
This beautiful darling is one of those three drawer tubs that everyone loves to use. Only, there's no way it was going to stay plain and ugly and go in my room. I whipped up some labels and put my Owl border behind each front and Voila!
This is where I keep all of my copies for the upcoming week, since we switch classes in third grade and I have 40 kids, the stacks get sort of high. If I'm teaching a lower grade next year with no switches, I'll probably keep this up. If I'm headed for the upper grades, then this baby will have to be transformed into something else. The possibilities are endless.
{If you're wondering, I have two of these for six drawers, the last houses extra copies}

My room seems to work pretty efficiently for me this year but there are some organizational items on my list to get together before next year!
+More IKEA shelves {These are cheap and so cute}
+Revamp the writing area
+Better option for storing my copies!

Now, on to some of my favorite pins that I am very eager to try out!
This year I have been focusing on Differentiation pretty heavily. The idea of using these tubs would awesome for next year. We number our students anyways, so next I would simply put in some activities that would hone in on what each student needs to work on. It's not EXTRA WORK, but work that could be incorporated into their grade somehow and it focuses on what they need.

I LOVE this idea. If my students didn't switch classes, then we would already be doing this now. My kids have so much CRAP and I have actually regulated it pretty heavily! I make them keep only a couple essentials in their GO Book pouches, and the rest goes in their locker.

A better Whiteboard!
My whiteboard looks pretty nice and clean now, but I would like to use it more efficiently.
I really like how this one looks and I want to work on something similar.
I love that the OBJECTIVE is posted, that is going to be huge in the new teacher evaluations that my school will start next year.

In the personal area, here is my planner:
I use a Much Ado About You planner and it has been the best option for me!
I use one for school and work and I love it. I have to have a planner, one that I love.

I'm also having a Thirty One party soon, so I'm planning on stepping up my organizational game there, too. Here are some pictures I keep coming back to for inspiration before the party:
I really want to do something to help wrangle the mail and paper that comes into the house. This seems like a simple solution for the kitchen counter. I could make this work for lots of other things also. Love the Lotsa Dots print!

I know I want a Large Utility Tote and a Market Thermal Tote for grocery shopping.
Wouldn't that be perfect to get rid of plastic bags?! Love it.

I could go on forever, but I'll stop there. What do you want to try out in your class?!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

{Technology Resolutions}

I'm linking up with Katleen at Growing Kinders for her Resolution Linky!
Man, do I have some technology resolutions this year.

Professional Resolutions:
+ Find some killer LA apps to use with our class iPads

+ Add more tech friendly options to our spelling menu boards
+ Learn how to make my products even better on TPT.
+ Start a blog and use it to be more connected to the education community.

Personal Resolutions:
+ Update my iPhone. Mine just went kaput and I need a new one, ASAP.

+ Get a better camera sometime this year and learn how to use it.

My overall goal for technology for this school year is to incorporate it more. It's very easy to plan out my lessons, get everything ready and then not spice them up or make them better with the technology that is available.

I also really want to make blogging work. I gave it try over the summer and I think that if I make sure to dedicate some time to it, that the return will be amazing.

Thank you for stopping by. 
See you tomorrow for my favorite, organization!