Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ramona Recommends July Book Club

So, I have a really fun Book Club for you to check out! Courtney from Ramona Recommends has started a great summer book club for teachers. This is our second month and Lessons Learned is the blog where July is being hosted!
This month we're reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio... This has to be one of THE books of this past year. You've seen it everywhere. Have you read it?? Here's my confession: I haven't read this book yet.
Back before my maternity leave I used some of my (extremely coveted) Scholastic Bonus Points to purchase a beautiful Hardback copy of Wonder for our 4th grade class. I come back from leave and it's missing. I asked and asked and asked the kids, and no one would admit to reading it, borrowing it, stealing it, losing it, whatever! GONE! SAD CITY!

This is my second chance with Wonder. I'll be buying this book soon and checking it out. I've heard great things and our counselor actually used this as a read-aloud for our fifth graders last year. I'm excited to get started, but it will probably take me all month to finish as a good friend of mine are also starting the Divergent series together ASAP!

Join us and then link up! Follow us on Instagram too to keep up with the reading!
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  1. Thanks so much for the shout out. I can't believe someone took your book!I go nuts when that happens. I'm usually like "we're not leaving this room til I get the truth" Haha, it's not Law and Order by any means, but sometimes it works! ;) Have a great 4th!
    - Sydney
    Lessons Learned

    1. I know, isn't that awful? My poor long-term sub probably thought I was insane. I kept texting her about it. It still burns my biscuits! BAH!

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