Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{Spring Break!}

It is finally Spring Break in my neck of the woods and instead of sun, we have snow.
You heard that right. It just keeps on coming. Things should be back to normal by the weekend, you know, right before we all head back to school.

Here is my door I promised to show everyone!
I know you all have seen this before on Pinterest, but I loved how it turned out. I laminated the pictures with their suns so the students can take them home at the end of the year. I felt like this door was more appropriate for the end of the school year. 
What do you think? Sorry the picture is so crummy!

Anyone feeling my frustrations with this time of year? I had a student leave me this little gem on our half-length test. The Reading OAA is at the end of April and this student is more than capable of doing a great job. I think they're about as wore out as I am!

The Book Fair came to town and each of our teachers gets $50 to spend from the PTO. Pretty lucky, huh?
I got some fun third grade titles. It was pretty hard for me to shop since I don't know what grade I'll be teaching next school year. At this point it's looking more like fourth grade, which I would LOVE, but we'll see. Second may still be in there.
I've gotten my kids in Goosebumps this year. R.L. Stine is one of MY favorites.
I follow him on Twitter!

I also have had two more Thirty-One parties this month since I last blogged. It is really taking off for me. We have a big meeting next month where we're introduced to the new Summer catalog. I am beyond excited. I'm going to have a big Open House in May.
This is my bag of Consultant fun I carry with my from party to party.. :) 

I also made my first Springware purchase at Target. I couldn't pass these sandals up. I may go back and buy another pair because I think these will be my new staples. ;)

What have you girlies been up to?
Any fun in the sun?
I'm about to get to the tanning bed.. I know it's so bad, but I need to feel some warmth!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{Currently: March}

Linking up with Farley for another edition of Currently!
Wow, that pink is not so easy to read :(

Listening to Cinderella:
My three year old is obsessed with Cinderella. That was her movie of choice tonight!

My new class door! We're doing something totally awesome and I wish I could take all of the credit for it, but it was something that I found on Pinterest. If we don't have a snow day tomorrow (we will!) then I will post pictures after I finish before Thursday... I'm so excited for it. It looks so cute!

I have so many ideas of how to use Thirty-One in my classroom and I'm really excited to get started. Mainly, it will be better for this summer and preparing my class for next school year. I don't want to get too crazy when we literally have TWO MONTHS OF SCHOOL LEFT. Did you all hear that?! Two months.

That's right guys, no snow day in two years. We had a delay two weeks ago and that was rare... Everyone is telling me not to get my hopes up, but they are forecasting 4-6 inches of snow for tonight. I will riot if the weather does not deliver. I need another day to avoid Aims Web and Progress Monitoring :X

I keep seeing all of these cute nails on Pinterest and I really want to get on the bandwagon. I'm thinking a solid color and then super solid glitter on my ring finger. Ya dig?

Like, Love, Hate:
Liking Reese's Eggs and the fact that they're back! Anyone else notice how they taste so much better than those stinkin' trees they put out at Christmas?!

Loving that now there is such a thing as REESE'S EGGS ICE CREAM. WHATTTT????
We just found out tonight and I'll will stalking down some in Kroger tomorrow... On my day off! HA!

Hating that it's not Spring Break yet. I have two more weeks and I know the school year will flash by when we come back. It already has gone by so quickly. It has been my first year teaching (after one full year subbing and one full year as an aide for a student with special needs).. and I cannot believe that it's almost over. Where has the time gone?

Enjoy your night darlings...
Put those jammies on inside out and drop two ice cubes in the toilet, flush and think of me!

Monday, March 4, 2013

{This & That on a Monday}

Hey guys!
Things are getting heavy over here, but have no fear! I have a couple of projects up my sleeve AND a couple of personal days I plan on taking advantage of. We have OAA, Spring Break, 3rd Grade Dodgeball Tournament, A Reds Game Field Trip, A Town Tour Field Trip and so much more before the end of the year. 
This is the time where it all starts FLYING BY!

Here's a look at what I've been up to:
I started reading an old favorite. I LOVE books written around the Civil War and then after during the Civil Rights Movement.. My favorite two time periods, by far.

I've been sulking because my Much Ado About You planner will be up this summer. Technically I already have another waiting to take it's place, but I'm just really glad that Emmy may have found a way to get this planner business going again. 
Erin Condren, who? I don't want a 50 lb. planner.

Looking ahead!
I have a 31 Party this weekend (super excited!!!)
I'm planning on making my nails look pretty before Parent Teacher Conferences Thursday
I also need to make my door look pretty... Tune in later this week for more on that. 
I'll give you a hint, we're taking pictures of everyone wearing "shades."
And I have much more organizing to do!

If you're getting ready for St. Patrick's Day, check out these two activities in my story for some interactive and creative writing fun!
Have a good week girls!

These will be a nice little break from testing. We already did the Valentine writing activities in the Spring Fever pack and we'll be doing the Lucky Me packet during our class party!

Friday, March 1, 2013

{Five for Friday!}

Whew! This week is over and I cannot wait to sleep in tomorrow.
We're watching Charlotte's Web after a very long Read Across America Day.
I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for my second Five for Friday!


I'm proud of my Cat in the Hat Cat Hats that I made for my guys today to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday (it's tomorrow!)
The kids loved them, except for one who asked if he could have watermelon on his. LOL.

Wondering how I got those AND twenty Kool-Aid Jammers to school?
That would be my amazing thermal that I received for hosting my first Thirty-One party.
This sucker is a hostess exclusive and you would not believe how many people have parties just to get this one item. It holds two large Pyrex dishes. Stop. I know.

We enjoyed our snacks while reading some Dr. Seuss favorites and working on a reading passport. Today was super laid back and I wish that's how all of our Fridays were. My grading is all finished and now I just have to put those grades in PB and I'm all caught up!

My hunny and I got to go to the movies together last weekend. We saw Snitch with The Rock. We love Dwayne Johnson and his movies so it was a must see. We were really impressed with the story and loved seeing him in a role where he wasn't whipping tail the whole time. His shirt stayed on, and that was the worst part. HA!

Any Duck Dynasty fans out there?
If you don't like DD, just leave this blog now and we'll pretend like this never happened.
I love me some Uncle Si.
Hey! That's rule #1, if you wanna be my friend, you have to love Uncle Si.
My BFF Kristin gets it.

Hope you all have a great weekend. 
I'm headed to our school Fun Fest tomorrow and I am determined to come home with some great door prizes.