Tuesday, March 5, 2013

{Currently: March}

Linking up with Farley for another edition of Currently!
Wow, that pink is not so easy to read :(

Listening to Cinderella:
My three year old is obsessed with Cinderella. That was her movie of choice tonight!

My new class door! We're doing something totally awesome and I wish I could take all of the credit for it, but it was something that I found on Pinterest. If we don't have a snow day tomorrow (we will!) then I will post pictures after I finish before Thursday... I'm so excited for it. It looks so cute!

I have so many ideas of how to use Thirty-One in my classroom and I'm really excited to get started. Mainly, it will be better for this summer and preparing my class for next school year. I don't want to get too crazy when we literally have TWO MONTHS OF SCHOOL LEFT. Did you all hear that?! Two months.

That's right guys, no snow day in two years. We had a delay two weeks ago and that was rare... Everyone is telling me not to get my hopes up, but they are forecasting 4-6 inches of snow for tonight. I will riot if the weather does not deliver. I need another day to avoid Aims Web and Progress Monitoring :X

I keep seeing all of these cute nails on Pinterest and I really want to get on the bandwagon. I'm thinking a solid color and then super solid glitter on my ring finger. Ya dig?

Like, Love, Hate:
Liking Reese's Eggs and the fact that they're back! Anyone else notice how they taste so much better than those stinkin' trees they put out at Christmas?!

Loving that now there is such a thing as REESE'S EGGS ICE CREAM. WHATTTT????
We just found out tonight and I'll will stalking down some in Kroger tomorrow... On my day off! HA!

Hating that it's not Spring Break yet. I have two more weeks and I know the school year will flash by when we come back. It already has gone by so quickly. It has been my first year teaching (after one full year subbing and one full year as an aide for a student with special needs).. and I cannot believe that it's almost over. Where has the time gone?

Enjoy your night darlings...
Put those jammies on inside out and drop two ice cubes in the toilet, flush and think of me!


  1. Congratulations on being most of the way through your first year! Those last two months go so quickly. Good luck on getting that snow day!

    Still in Third Grade

  2. Love the nail polish ideas from pinterest as well, but I can never get them to turn out the way I want them too.

    Must go in search for this ice cream, I have a crazy bad love for reese's pieces already this could be very bad.

    The Babbling Box!

  3. Super excited to see your door and very jealous of your snow day! Have fun!

    Teaching with a Touch of Twang

  4. So many good things. Reese's egg ice cream. WHAT?! I must find this.

    I'm also super excited to go check out your fun door decs. That is partly how I knew I was meant to be a teacher...I used to decorate my friends' doors in our dorm for holidays. I love it!!! :)

    And your organization. Do it. But don't kick yourself if you don't do it until next year. I did a lot of organizing this past summer and it has made a difference this year. I was glad I did it over the summer instead of doing it half-you-know-what just to get it done quicker last year. Good luck with that!!
    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

  5. Hey! Thanks for your sweet comments!

    I can't wait to see the door and how you use all of your Products! I know I'll be jealous!

    Did you know that you are a no-reply blogger? You know how you can see my comment in your email inbox? You can click reply and then reply back to me. But I can't reply back to you! :O(

    It's a simple fix. Check this post here. It's 6 easy steps with pictures! :O)


    If you want to anyway! I just like to be able to chat back and forth with my bloggy friends!
    Collaboration Cuties

  6. I'm stopping by from the currently linky and I'm your newest follower! I can't wait to see your new door. :)

  7. So excited to find your blog & to be your newest follower. It is so cute & I love your Currently. I just recently jumped on the cutesy nail art seen all over Pinterest.. right now, it's shiny pink & grey/white chevron (like your background!) on the ring finger :)

    First Grade Fairytales

  8. I need some cute sparkly nail polish too! Just found your blog through Farley's linky, I'm your newest follower!
    Science for Kids Blog


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