Tuesday, March 26, 2013

{Spring Break!}

It is finally Spring Break in my neck of the woods and instead of sun, we have snow.
You heard that right. It just keeps on coming. Things should be back to normal by the weekend, you know, right before we all head back to school.

Here is my door I promised to show everyone!
I know you all have seen this before on Pinterest, but I loved how it turned out. I laminated the pictures with their suns so the students can take them home at the end of the year. I felt like this door was more appropriate for the end of the school year. 
What do you think? Sorry the picture is so crummy!

Anyone feeling my frustrations with this time of year? I had a student leave me this little gem on our half-length test. The Reading OAA is at the end of April and this student is more than capable of doing a great job. I think they're about as wore out as I am!

The Book Fair came to town and each of our teachers gets $50 to spend from the PTO. Pretty lucky, huh?
I got some fun third grade titles. It was pretty hard for me to shop since I don't know what grade I'll be teaching next school year. At this point it's looking more like fourth grade, which I would LOVE, but we'll see. Second may still be in there.
I've gotten my kids in Goosebumps this year. R.L. Stine is one of MY favorites.
I follow him on Twitter!

I also have had two more Thirty-One parties this month since I last blogged. It is really taking off for me. We have a big meeting next month where we're introduced to the new Summer catalog. I am beyond excited. I'm going to have a big Open House in May.
This is my bag of Consultant fun I carry with my from party to party.. :) 

I also made my first Springware purchase at Target. I couldn't pass these sandals up. I may go back and buy another pair because I think these will be my new staples. ;)

What have you girlies been up to?
Any fun in the sun?
I'm about to get to the tanning bed.. I know it's so bad, but I need to feel some warmth!!

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  1. Cute bag! I love Thirty-one! Don't forget, you'll be featured on my blog tomorrow!
    :) dana
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