Monday, January 14, 2013

{Inspiration Everywhere!}

So, as I was going through college, I remember thinking how crazy it was that we had to develop our own units. Not sure what planet I was living on when I thought you get a job, then they hand you a big binder and schedule filled for the year... UM WHAT??
I consider myself to be a smart young woman, I just had some misconceptions.

This is all leading to me feeling extremely lucky to have all the outlets we have as teachers for inspiration, ideas and resources. I can't tell you how much of my time is spent checking out teaching blogs, perusing around Pinterest and stalking TpT for something that I can use in my classroom. It makes my job so much easier having an abundance of resources at my fingertips. Don't you think we're lucky?

Here are some things around Pinterest that I really want to try out, have tried out or have immediate plans to try out... Whew, still with me?

I have really been studying this picture. Does anyone else do that? Am I crazy?
I like what is going on here but I want to change it to make it more my own. I'm working on this one as displaying and going back to our objective is something I do daily.

Have I ever told you that I have some super smart kids in my room?
I am constantly working on Guided Reading and trying to make it better. I love this post about Guided Reading for upper grades. I teach third, but I have a good handful of students reading at closer to a fifth grade level.

This video is one that I keep coming back to for Guided Reading. I wish I had this kind of time to have meaningful mini-lessons with all my kids each day.

We're focusing a lot of reader's responses with the new PARCC on it's way. I'd love to get it together and use the sticky notes like the ones used in this post. My kids would love it.

So, what is inspiring you lately?
I clearly have Guided Reading on the mind! ;)

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