Tuesday, January 15, 2013

{What Works for Me}

I wanted to talk about some things I do in my classroom that happen to work for me.
I always like when people share things like this because it's nice to see what everyone else is doing. It also helps knowing that if it works for someone similar, maybe it will work for you! Here a little list of things I love in my room:

Posting my Objective:
Why: Because it helps me target my students' learning AND it's on our new teacher evaluation so I'm getting in gear before that starts next year.
I actually started doing this and can't imagine NOT doing it.
Currently: Looking for a way to make it better and more compact. I'm designing something that doesn't take up as much precious whiteboard space.

Information Station:
Why: Because it is where everything is kept that would normally be tossed on a teacher's desk. I keep my desk neat, unless I miss three days of school in a row, my desk always looks presentable. I just don't want it to be messy.
I have a Drop Box, that is where everything goes that students would want to throw on my desk. Our lunch count clipboard is there, that moves to the kidney table in the morning for easy use. My bins for my switches, one for my homeroom and one for the other class I have in the afternoon. If they turn it in, it goes in the bin!
Also included: school calendar, lunch menu, special schedule and Gold Medal behavior chart!

Reading Log Incentive:
I have a handful out of 40 students that have trouble being consistent with their homework. Not too  bad, but it's also not okay with me. I wanted to do some sort of program where students get rewarded for doing their reading log every night for a week. At the end of each week if they did their log each night, they get a sticker. I plan on some cool prizes when they fill it up, but a lot of times the sticker itself is a big deal on Fridays!

Writing Process Bookmarks:
My kids are sort of obsessed with these.
I made a bookmark that my students can use all school year by letting them decorate them and laminating them for long-term use. First off, the power of laminating something for third graders is phenomenal. It was a HUGE DEAL.
They keep these in our bin or in their writing folders when we're working on a writing project. We use dry erase markers to check off each step, they actually do pretty well in the folders after the dry erase check marks.
I am obsessed with these because I can say "show me your bookmark" for a quick check to see who is almost there, going super fast or in outer space. ;)

My bookmarks can be found here.

And how about a freebie?!
This REALLY works for me. You just plop a post-it right over each section with what you need to grade, copy, create or plan. I hope you enjoy this one as much as I do. Head to my shop to download this for free.

What works for you??

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