Tuesday, January 8, 2013

{Spring Fever Writing}

Is it really only Tuesday?
This week is dragging on, but it actually has been pretty productive for me after all.
We're finishing up My Rows and Piles of Coins and I'm sure my guys will be happy to see it go after this week. Something about reading the same story three or more times that sends them over the edge!

Next week we're doing A-Z readers on Martin Luther King Jr. I'm pretty excited about these. The Civil Rights Movement is one of my favorite historical events and I love learning more and more about it. I plan on showing students Jr's famous "speech," hoping it will really help them get a good feel for the time and the importance of his message. We have some cute writing planned for next week, also!

Speaking of writing, I made a packet that I absolutely love. It can be used in Grades 1-4 since you can get as in depth or shallow with it as you'd like. It has eight different writing prompts/graphic organizers and then eight sheets of coordinating paper for final drafts. I'll be using all of these in my class this year, hop over to my shop and check it out.

Like I said, this week has been productive for me! Copies have been made, things have been tidied up around the room and I'm finally on top of some of my sheets that needed to go into my big Master Copies binder. I'm not sure what I'll be teaching next year so I'm keeping copies of everything so they will be on hand if/when I'm teaching third grade again. I'm thinking I will end up in second grade next year, and if that's the case, a lot of my third grade stuff can be used again.

I made these last night because I'm pretty tired of hearing, I'm done! What do I do now?? We've only had a million talks about their options. Maybe this will make them stop asking.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Haha, making some "I'm done" posters are on my list , too! I can barely take it anymore! I love it when they literally ask "what can I do now?" .8732 seconds after you just explained their options! Something tells me they are still going to ask even after I put up the posters... :)

    EduKate and Inspire

    1. I'll have to let you know if they work this week.

      My kids are the exact way.. and they don't understand why I want to do instructions whole-group instead of telling them each on 20 separate occasions. KIDS! ;)


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