Saturday, January 19, 2013

{Lucky Me and a Three Day Weekend}

Hallelujah three day weekend!
Last night I went out with my teacher friends and we had some fun.
Mexican food, margaritas, karaoke and people watching were all involved ;)

I was working on this pack last week to get prepared for St. Patrick's Day. Remember that March will be here before you know it before you roll those eyeballs!
I wanted something fun and laid back for my kids to do during our class party.
As a first year teacher, something I didn't have prepared for class parties was something for the kids to do. On Halloween we played Bingo and Roll-A-Monster and that was a huge success, but for some reason, I totally dropped the ball on our Christmas party.

I'm working on something similar for Valentine's Day, so if you like this, you'll probably like that as well. I did things backwards, huh?

There are four fill-in-the-blank stories included in this pack. You can copy them front to back or have the whole class do the same story and see what they come up with!
I'm using these during my class party as a small group "share the pencil" writing.
There's also a page of common St. Patrick's Day words.
This should be printed in color and laminated or put in a page protector for durability!

You'll also find coloring half-sheets that students can color while they snack during the party, or after they write in the writing center. You could also use this pack with the Spring Fever Writing Pack to have more St. Patrick's Day writing activities than you can stand! :)

I'm off to enjoy my weekend. I have a 31 Party on Sunday and I just bought a couple of Melonheadz packs, so I'm excited to come up with some fun stuff!

Check back soon & happy 3 day weekend teachers!

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